Deck/dock Alameda, CA

Deck work in Alameda, CA  deck was built over man made water way which is dained for two weeks out of the year. 

The property owner is wheel chair bound and has not been able to use her deck for over 10 years.  We did what Three other contractors told the home owner could not be done!

The previous photo show uneven steps and wood separation between the risers and treads. 

This photo shows dry rot after a fascia board had been removed.  The dry was riddled through out the framing and dock under surface.

This view shows the new ramp and stair areas.

looking out onto the deck as the water fills the lagoon.

My favorite part of this project was the being able to see the smile on the home owner face as she was able look out over the water way for the first time.

Kitchen remodel Oakland, CA

This kitchen remodel was fun and a challenge. 

This was a total gut floors, ceiling, walls reframed and more.

looking at the previous location of the cooking range

mmm love those cabinets and all of that tile was fun!

The new range/cook top location and the custom vent  WOW that was heavy took three of us and a lift to attach it in place.  But wow a picture does it no justice it is beautiful.

Location of the new sub zero and counter for vegitable / cooking prep area.

Sweet pull out  counter area  and then my camera broke :(   

I have a great reference  from this client.

4 Unit apartment complex Alameda, CA

This was a case of sever dry rot due to a contractor siliconing retrofit windows to the stucco surface. 

After 6 years of water draining into the building you get potting soil.

The project was done in two phases due to tenants refusing to move.

First half in 2006 (5 months.) Second half in 2007 (5 Months)

Windows were installed  and installation of lath for stucco

Concrete Demo on Carport deck cover

Removing dry roted Deck structure

Rebuilding the deck surface  and converting it in a roof.

Framing finished and stucco on. 

Glass membrain for torch down to be applied

Roofing material torched down

The window was a sliding door

If you would like to see more of my pictures I think I have 6-8 thousand "yawn"

No really I have lots of pictures of several projects.  I'm not a beginner and, well I value my customers.


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